Tribal Bellydance in Yorkshire and Lancashire.

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11 September 2013 – Day of Dance

Saturday 19 October sees the 39th Day of Dance in Saltaire – a very special event for me.

A long, long time ago I picked up a flyer for the Day of Dance on my way home from work. I had danced a lot as a child, but given up mid-teens for school-work and had not danced since. I was approaching 40, feeling stiff and sluggish, but not keen on the gym or sport – time to get back to dance. I always had a love of Flamenco dance and music – and here was a workshop to try!

This was the 2nd Day of Dance I think, but no one was counting at that stage. Getting changed for the workshop – and feeling very nervous about all the years I had not danced - I got chatting to a lovely older lady who seemed very at home with the whole scene and who was welcoming and encouraging. This was my first meeting with Margaret Reddyhoff who, it turned out, taught Arabic Dance in Leeds. It was not long after that I started classes with her and began my personal bellydance journey.

I think I probably have been to most of the Day of Dance days since – at first as a student with Margaret, then covering a couple of times when Margaret could not do her session – and finally teaching Egyptian and then Tribal in my own right.

It always seems like my ‘point of origin’ as a dancer – and I suspect has been for many others. It is a great day out with loads of sessions in dance of all sorts and other things, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere – and all for various good causes.