Tribal Bellydance in Yorkshire and Lancashire.

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31 January 2013 – Storm

Getting enough people in any location to make a class viable has always been a struggle, but initially the issue of ‘level’ does not arise as everyone is pretty much a beginner and can progress together. The problem comes as time progresses and we have some very experienced people in a class alongside new starters. People are generally very sensible about this. The new starters are aware they have to ‘jump in at the deep end’, but are pretty well supported by fellow class members and the old timers are patient about going through the basics again.

But this ‘lack of progress’ can be frustrating I know. I would love to be able to set up a more advanced class, but the realities of paying for venue hire (and having the hours in the day) have made this impractical so far.

Over Christmas, alongside the other class material I created, I choreographed a dance that turned out to be far too advanced for any general class. Rather than abandon this, I discussed it with a small group from the Monday class with a view to trying to perform this piece as a more advanced group – which we are calling Storm.

Choosing who to involve has been tricky and I have worried a great deal over this. As far as possible I like to be open and inclusive, but when setting out on a project that will be very physically demanding I have to go to those I think will be interested and also capable. I hope people can understand this and not feel offended if you were not asked to be involved.

The existence of Storm will not change the way in which we approach performances and other events and classes. At the moment the Storm group exists only for the purpose of performing the dance I created at Christmas. The group may fizzle out afterwards, or we may find some way of creating a more advanced class/session so that more of you can join in.